Moving Day!

After TEN years of blogging at I’m moving to WordPress at least temporarily, and possibly permanently. Some kind of a glitch at Blogger has prevented me from posting on my own blog and they don’t seem to be doing anything about it despite numerous complaints from all kinds of bloggers having the same difficulty and the same error message.

So here I am in my new spot. I hope my loyal readers will be able to find me. I can’t even post there to let them know where I’ve gone!

I’ve transferred the two final posts I wrote over on Blogger but could never get to publish. If you stumbled across me here, please shout out in the comments to say hello. If you’re otherwise new to my blog then by all means feel free to go visit the blogger site to read about my previous 10 years of creative expression.


I’m back at the rainbow warp, weaving a little each evening.

I’ve also been sewing. A little about that in tomorrow’s blog post.