Sewing a Lot Lately

I don’t know if I ever showed the beginning pictures of this blouse? Perhaps only on Flickr? I’ve been having such a time fighting with that I’d almost given up on blogging after 10 years of regular posting. So here I am trying out WordPress. I hope my regular readers are able to find me.

Anyway, some of the blog readers that also follow me on Flickr will have seen this blouse in progress.

It’s now complete!

It’s from an old pattern I purchased through eBay. The pattern looks like it was torn from some old sewing and stitching lessons from the 1980s or something. I’m happy with the way it turned out but it is rather large on me. It’s comfortable though.

I’ve also been sewing a few pairs of pants. They are a loose fitting pull-on pant sewn from a mid-weight, knit fabric. They are super comfortable, less sloppy looking than sweat pants, less revealing than leggings, and not as hot as jeans.

I initially made one black pair but when I discovered how comfortable they are I went back to Fabricland to buy enough for a navy pair and discovered the fabric was on sale. Buy one get two! So I bought enough for three pairs for the price of the intended one pair. Khaki, navy, and burgundy. The burgundy is not as bright nor as red looking as it shows in the photo.

While I’ve been doing all this sewing Shelby has been waiting patiently at my side, silently begging to be taken for a walk.

By the way, I DID take her for a walk, but she had to wait until I finished my project..